Our Mission

At EnerHealth we are committed to excellence in health care. Our Team is constantly pursuing state-of-the-art techniques to provide the highest quality of service. We believe in a collaborative approach to patient management.

Our Standards

We pride ourselves on providing a multidisciplinary, patient-centred approach to health care. We offer a unique blend of health care services to achieve optimum health. Our team of experienced and highly qualified practitioners work together to provide the most effective treatment.

Our Principles

To provide an extraordinary blend of science, art and philosophy offering a broad range of complementary and alternative health care services to help our clients achieve their health and lifestyle goals through healing, education and prevention.

Contact Us

EnerHealth Centre For Wellness & Rehabilitation
500 Yonge Street, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4Y 1X9

Tel: 416-925-9950 Fax: 416-925-0085

Email: [email protected]